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Specialized substrates – Thick Webs, Thin Webs, Freezer Bags, Shelf-Stable Packaging, Freezer-to-Oven Packaging, Heat Sealable Laminated Structures, Absorbent, Non-absorbent, Extensible, Heat Sensitive, High Speed Filling substrates, Uncoated and Coated Papers, and Foils.

Specialized coatings – Heat Sealing, Moisture Barriers, Oxygen Barriers, Static Dissipating …

Specialty inks with unique properties. Inks that are modified press-side with Extenders, Anti-Foaming Agents, pH Stabilizers, Print-Clean-Slow-Solvents …

The real magicians are the chemists formulating inks that will dry on the substrates in literally the blink of an eye, but not on the plate. Inks that need to resist mechanical action of downstream automatic packaging machines, varying point-of-purchase conditions, chemically resistant (lactic acid, citric acid, alkaline cleaners, etc.) and withstand customer abuse.

This is what we need to dry.


It’s a Jungle out There.
Unwind With Care.
Dry Cautiously.

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