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Printing presses—the industry work horses—born from independent niches, are strategically and intentionally configured differently. The fundamental role of their dryers is quite different.

All press configurations continue to shrink their dryers in order to free up space for shorter web paths, safety provisions and other peripheral technologies. Industry pressure for greater production rates, and new challenging materials, together strain drying performance.

For the narrow web industry, high-performance dryers and ink technology wizardry afford reasonable production rates. Unable to change the laws of physics, the smaller dryer sizes limit press speed.

Wide-web, high-production-rate systems typically are not hindered by space, but energy consumption costs continue to climb. Advanced high-performance dryers, can reduce equipment size, but in almost all cases, can lower operating cost significantly.

Printing Presses

Different Fundamentals.
Different Drying Needs.

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Dryer Components

Building Blocks.
Critical Individual Functions.
System Implementation.

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Core Dryer Fundamentals

Diverse Technologies.
Key Advantages.
All Valuable to our Industry.

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FlexAir Solutions

FlexAir Building Blocks.
Uncommon Configurations.
Unique Solutions.

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