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Drying, after all, is a phenomenon that we experience daily. Yet, drying, with its complex subtleties, is poorly understood. In most cases, we have the luxury to not overthink it. When things aren’t quite dry enough, we typically just give it a couple of extra minutes.

In our production environment, we don’t have minutes. If we are lucky, we may have a few seconds. In most cases we have even less. This forces us to understand drying on a whole new level.


Drying systems 101.

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Fluid Mechanics

Harnessing the power
 we put into the wind.

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Heat Transfer

Pumping in the heat
every and any way we can.

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Mass Transfer

In pieces and parts.
From here to there.

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Working with:
The good. The bad.
The beautiful. The ugly.

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Energy transformed.
 Neither made, nor destroyed.
 It’s The Law.

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