Knowledge Base: Business

KB: Business

There are all types of successful business models in our industry. FlexAir can’t dictate how to run your business, your priorities, etc.

You don’t buy a catcher’s mitt to play football. You need the right equipment to be in the game.

When it comes to dryer systems, there is no one-size-fits-all technology or solution. The Operations and Engineering Knowledge Base articles are designed to help you size your dryer system properly for your needs.

Our business discussions were envisioned to favor the generalized business admin conversations specifically from a dryer system cost perspective. Regardless, if you are looking to understand the costs of running your current systems or understand what tools you will need for your future needs, this section covers the money side considerations.

Capital Cost

Equipment. Real-Estate.
Infrastructure. Implementation.

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Costs of Operations

Warm up Cycle.
Production vs. Idling Costs.
Operator Productivity.

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Maintenance Cost

Break Down. Repair.
Consumables. Life Expectancy.

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Return on Investment

Capacity. Capability.

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