The Converting Industry has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. Some of the new applications that are emerging in the industry today are challenging enough just to run, let alone running them successfully at high speeds. Advancements in other areas of the process have helped converters to be more competitive, but inadequate drying systems have continued to plague the industry as the weak link in the process.

Compressed Air Drying Systems are the next generation in drying equipment for the Converting Industry. The success of this technology comes from the ability to take advantage of characteristics that are inherent to compressed air. The very dry air and the truly high nozzle velocities significantly improve the evaporation process over traditional dryer systems, which result in much higher lines speeds.

FlexAir has incorporated all of the benefits of Compressed Air Drying Technology into a compact nozzle that provides us with tremendous versatility when it comes to designing a dryer for your application. We believe it is important for our customers to understand how our equipment addresses in their specific Drying Issues, which builds confidence in their ability to consistently anticipate the performance of the entire press.

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